The Lowered Bucket

This is David Hayward’s first book of poetry published in 2003, is a provocative and sensuous mixture of jazz and life. Reaching beyond the norms of language, David Hayward captures unnoticed moments to jolt the reader into new experiences.

“Opinions” (an excerpt)

The sage would say:
“It’s all happening as it should because it is.”
Thus canceling out any need whatever for my input
regardless of its weightiness or frivolity.

So when I alter my opinion it becomes the
breeze rotating a hanging mirror:
profiles and images appear according to
their seasons of being, then turning, reflect elsewhere.



Hoisted Water

David Hayward’s second book of poetry, published in 2004, that continues his explorations of language, music and the meaning we create for our lives. Hayward embues the everyday with eloquent significance.

“Hoisted Water”: “Music: Audible Grace, the Handmaiden Of Silence”

If you think
you’re hearing music
you are.
Music is Grace made audible,
a rainbow over suffering
that conveys
the unspeakable
without which
all else
would be




All of life is found in David Hayward’s third work of poetry published in 2006; the nature of God, money, music and Los Angeles traffic.

“Ars Poetica” (an excerpt)

…. once more
less likely to talk back or say no
at two lines that stab like bare limbs
outstretched in a wintry field
awaiting gaudy spring yet fuel enough
to start a fire, to warm the will to be,
to manifest of nothing, from nowhere,
and endless to here…
this one, this Muse,
constant in naked desire;
goddess of compensation.



The Substance of Pauses

The Substance of Pauses, David Hayward’s fourth book of poetry, published in 2008, pushes language to its limits as he continues his exploration of human nature, art and life.

Life and time have
left me still curious
and howling at the moon,
a nebulous enchantment
of a lyrical decay.