I am a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP), and member of N.C.G.R., lecturer and consultant since 1988.
With my clients I explore the natal horoscope as a map of the soul’s intentions. I believe we chose the moment of manifestation contingent on the soul’s choice.

The chart is an inventory of issues and preferences that the higher self in its wisdom and timing believes appropriate for the soul’s journey. I have not found a single aspect of human experience which is not reflected in the natal horoscope. As Deepak Chopra put it, “Your bodies cells are exquisitely attuned to the cycles of the moon, sun, and stars.”

Due to the different speed of the planets, your natal chart will not be exactly duplicated for 25,000 years. Each chart represents a unique snowflake within a snowstorm; distinct but not separate. Therefore, we are here to do relationships with everything and everyone we encounter. The cycles of the planets can help in the timing of our lives i.e. the planets help to plan it.

Our challenge is to gain the full authority of our energies as spiritual beings having human experiences. Ignorance is not bliss, self-mastery brings self-empowerment.
Or, as Bashar said; “You Are The Party– Attend It.”

I also do “Astrology And The Family Dynamic” with my daughter, astrologer, Heather Hayward (CAP).

Seminars include:
“Astrology And Addiction: The Cry Of The Soul”. (at The Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Hollywood Ca. and Phoenix Books, Santa Monica, Ca.)

Themes of recovery:
How astrology can aid in uncovering, discovering, and discarding addictive behavior and old ideas that block recovery.
Your OWN style of inner work as a healing path.
How to build a sustainable program of healthy habits…….insight alone is not change.
Your chart as a guide to group interaction and recovery.
How to find and ignite your creativity.
Seeing through the eye, not with it.

My book:

Shorthand of the Soul: the quotable horoscope

Shorthand of the Soul

Shorthand of the Soul

More than a compendium of zodiacal keywords, David Hayward has collected over two thousand quotations and matched them to astrological symbolism. This collection of wit and wisdom from the famous and infamous, anonymous, and the author himself, runs the gamut from physics to philosophy, flatulence to philandery.  “Shorthand Of the Soul” is unique bridge of imagery between the English language and “astrologese”, or “astrotalk”, as it were; a first of its kind. The attributes of the signs are given as well as the planet, sign, and house suggested for each quotation.  And for those with little or no interest in astrology it has proven time and again to be a fun ‘browser” for quick amusement and inspiration. However, this is a work for the astrology-curious, students, and experts alike and has been used as a teaching tool throughout the world. In simple terms, it explains how the sun signs work and reflect your astrological personality through the over two thousand quotations Hayward has chosen to illustrate each zodiacal position.

In addition, for the more sophisticated, there are three astrological case studies to illustrate how specific charts correlate with real people and can be paired with precise quotations by themselves and others to fit each planet, sign and house combination in their horoscopes. A chapter each is given to the great statesman Winston Churchill, and two very accomplished astrologers, Marion March, and Noel Tyl. These chapters include a brief biography as well as their horoscopes.